Terms & Conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

Under this invoice, the importer sold to the consumer who accepts that sale whose description and contents are shown on the issue of the invoice in accordance with the following terms and conditions

1- The consumer acknowledges that he has inspected the sold item with a complete inspection that negates ignorance of Sharia and accepts it in the condition it is in without the responsibility of the importer in anything after that.
2- The consumer agrees to issue a promissory note in favor of the importer at the price agreed upon between them, provided that it is delivered to him at the end of paying the full indebtedness owed by him.
3- The consumer shall not be discharged from paying the due installments except with a bond issued by the importer with the value of the installment due on him.
4- The importer and the consumer agreed that the warranty of the device is one year inclusive, except for misuse, breakage, or fire resulting from recklessness and willful error on the part of the consumer or one of his subordinates.
5- The guarantee is renewed after its expiry according to the customer’s desire for another three years for a fee of 45 dinars (forty-five Kuwaiti dinars) inclusive, except for what was mentioned in bond No. 4, and the guarantee falls when the device is opened outside the company’s maintenance.
6- In the event that the consumer is late in paying the due installments, the entire indebtedness shall be due without warning or prior warning
7- The consumer acknowledges that his address on the invoice issue is his chosen place, and all advertisements, correspondences and notifications become in it, and he undertakes to notify the importer of any change to this address as soon as it occurs, otherwise the procedures will be valid at the first address.
8- The consumer is bound by Law No. (39) of 2014 Article (10) on Consumer Protection.
9- The importer and the consumer have agreed to implement these terms and conditions in good faith and they have read these terms and conditions and have accepted them with a commitment and commitment to what is stated in them.
10- The courts of the State of Kuwait shall have jurisdiction in the event of any dispute to separate the two parties